Palazzo Raho

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Palazzo Raho: a history of eternal Beauty, Art and Culture
Palazzo Raho is located in the historic centre of Lequile, a town a few kilometres from Lecce, in Cupa’s Valley. The building, dating back to the mid-16th century, takes its name from the noble family Raho or De Raho who was a Neapolitan family of Norman origin. It represents a rare example of a transformation from a house with a courtyard to an aristocratic residence. The transformation of the original building makes Palazzo Raho an important architectural point of reference in the historic centre of Lequile and an extremely cultural interesting evidence.
Palazzo Raho-Salento has been recognized as a building of historical and artistic significance by the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture. Palazzo Raho is a luxury home, full of convivial spaces and wellness facilities surrounded by a lot of works of art by national and international contemporary artists. The gratification of the body and the elevation of the mind can find a pleasant synthesis here. The building has been completely restored with fine finishes and it is full of works of art by contemporary artists, and it has a unique collection of rare volumes and valuable editions. Every furniture and every detail have been chosen following an artistic purpose. Whoever will stay in this place will live an unprecedented immersive experience in a luxury space with every comfort in a dimension suspended in time and space, surrounded by Art. In Palazzo Raho, the Art has not only a contemplative sense, but it is also something to use in everyday life.
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