Via Roma, 5 - 73010 Lequile LE

An immersive experience

Palazzo Raho-Salento has been recognized as a building of historical and artistic significance by the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture. Palazzo Raho is a luxury residence with a great artistic value that joins pleasure of soul and body. The building has rooms and convivial spaces set in a frame that has a great architectural value and it has unique furniture, works of art, books, library and a vintage analogue stereo system with a collection of record.

The building has been completely restored with fine finishes and it is full of work of art by contemporary artists: Pierre Alechinsky; Franco Angeli; Ugo Attardi; Vincenzo Balsamo; Pierre Boncompain; Remo Brindisi; Tonino Caputo; Bruno Ceccobelli; Salvador Dalì; Giorgio De Chirico; Lucio Del Pezzo; Christophe Demaître; Baldo Diodato; Salvatore Emblema; Pericle Fazzini; Tano Festa; Omar Galliani; José García Ortega; Renato Guttuso; Peter Hutchinson; Helena Klakocar; Pedro Machado; Si Maqing; Juan Mirò; Giacomo Manzù; Ugo Nespolo; Antonio Nocera; Osrman Osrman; Franca Pisani; Michelangelo Pistoletto; Concetto Pozzati; Matias Quetglas; Alfredo Rapetti; Mario Schifano; Pino Settanni; Roberto Silvestrini García; Alberto Sughi; Zhu Yé; Chai Yiming and many others. The building has a unique collection of rare volumes and valuable editions.

Every furniture and every detail have been chosen following an artistic purpose. Whoever will stay in this place will live an unprecedented immersive experience in a luxury space with every comfort in a dimension suspended in time and space, surrounded by Art. In Palazzo Raho, the Art has not only a contemplative sense, but it is also something to use in everyday life.